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Lumix G9 180FPS Spontaneous Video


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Lumix G9 Video 180FPS Slow Motion

Lumix G9 Video and 180 fps slow motion. This video was taken this morning on a spontaneous walk with my dog. All clips were shot with one hand using G9’s image stabilization with the Lumix 45-200 mm lens. The other thing I was going for with this video was a quick edit to see what I could create without overthinking or editing. #lumixg9video #lumix180fps #spontaneousvideo Walking grapevine lake today the wind was gusting. There were some amazing swirls of tall grass from some of the fields and leaves swirling on some of the trails, but I was always too late. I’m surprised at how stable the Lumix 45-200 mm lens is with image stabilization even out to 200 mm which is the equivalent of 400 mm on a 35mm full frame camera.