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First Time Home Buyer Utah


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Hey, everybody, it’s Caleb and Jennifer Tucker here, and we just wanted to tell you how amazing it was working with Steve Ostler in getting this amazing house that we live in now. We’ve been here for about a month and we have loved every single minute of it. And we had a lot of anxiety going into the process. And Steve really helped us understand the market, understand the dynamics of the market and where it’s moving and help helped us move forward and and also helped us, you know, kind of think outside of the box and and help lead us to getting the house of our dreams. And so we’re really pleased with it.

The transaction went smoothly. It went exactly as planned. He teamed up with Rob at Innovative Mortgage and working with Rob was equally as amazing. I did stop him and I didn’t tell him this, but I did shop around and his his rates were the most competitive. So it made it really easy for me to work with him and work with Steve. And and I would highly recommend him for anybody else. Is looking for a home in the Utah market. Thank you.