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Adrian Beaver joins Live in the D to talk about how new energy efficient window replacements can help with your heating and cooling bills for your home. Pure Energy Window Company provides replacement windows, entry door replacements, and attic insulation for Southeast Michigan. Founded in 2005, Pure Energy is a family-owned company that is committed to providing a first-class window installation experience. Our trained installation technicians install windows in the best possible way and in a professional manner. The very essence of Pure Energy Window Company lies in their unwavering dedication to providing Michigan homes with energy-efficient window solutions that are second to none. The sheer expertise and experience they bring to the table are nothing short of impressive, allowing them to offer top-of-the-line window installations that help homeowners cut down on their energy bills. It’s all about customer satisfaction for these guys – they take every installation seriously and ensure it’s done with precision and care. But wait, there’s more! Their team of professionals also specializes in the art of window replacements – a true game-changer when it comes to boosting overall efficiency within your humble abode. By ditching old or outdated windows and opting for new energy-efficient ones, homeowners can rest easy knowing they’re doing their part for the environment while saving some sweet cash on heating and cooling costs. And let’s talk options – because Pure Energy Window Company has plenty of ’em! They’ve got something for every budget or style preference you could possibly imagine. But don’t worry about sacrificing quality over quantity either – these folks take pride in delivering efficient replacements without compromising aesthetics or functionality. All things considered, Pure Energy Window Company has set the bar high regarding energy-efficient window installations in Michigan. With superior services at affordable prices, it’s no wonder they’re leading the charge toward a brighter (and more cost-effective) future, one home at a time. Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows for Michigan Homes Are you a Michigan homeowner tired of astronomical energy bills? Look no further than energy-efficient windows! These miraculous panes are engineered to thwart heat loss in the winter and preserve cool air during summer’s sweltering months. Not only do they save you cash, but they also act as sound barriers and enhance indoor air quality. But wait, before rushing out to purchase replacement windows, make sure they have an impressive energy efficiency rating. This ensures maximum savings on heating and cooling expenses. Luckily, Pure Energy Window Company has a vast array of options: vinyl, fiberglass, and wood-clad windows – the list goes on! And that’s not all; Pure Energy Window Company is also a maven at door replacement and entry door installation services. Upgraded doors have the power to obliterate drafts and bolster insulation for optimal home efficiency. With their proficiency in window and door installations, Michigan homeowners can rest easy knowing style, and functionality won’t be sacrificed while addressing their abode’s pressing energy needs! Factors to Consider When Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows The selection of energy-efficient windows can be a perplexing task, with numerous factors to take into account. The type of glass utilized in the window is an important element to consider initially. One should seek out low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings that reflect heat back into your abode during winter and keep it at bay during summer. This can result in substantial savings on one’s energy bills. Another vital factor to ponder is the material used for the frame. Materials such as vinyl or fiberglass provide superior insulation compared to traditional aluminum frames, enhancing overall energy efficiency. A crucial aspect that cannot be ignored is the proper installation of the windows to prevent air leaks which could adversely impact cost-effective energy usage. Lastly, additional features such as double or triple-pane glass along with gas fills between panes are worth considering for added insulation benefits. While these options may entail a higher upfront expense, they have significant long-term utility bill savings potential. By delving into these essential considerations when selecting new windows for your home, you will make an informed decision that enhances its appearance and improves its overall energy efficiency – resulting in considerable monetary gains over time! Call Pure Energy Window Company today at (248) 446-6100 or visit our website at to schedule your no-obligation window installation appointment!