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Last week, the “I Killed a Man” confession video went viral, but now the family of the victim says the video makes the murderer look better, but does not help heal their loss. CBS News’ Don Dahler reports.

Empower Network 2.0 | The New Viral Blogging Platform
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The news has dropped! And if you are seeing this video, you are one of the first to find out about it. Empower Network has just went into prelaunch on the new viral blogging system Empower Network 2.0. Also known as ENV2.

Set to release in Sept. 23, 2013. This will be a huge game changer in the internet and small businesses. Opens up a whole new real for brick and mortar businesses that want to get their businesses from offline to online.

The system upgrade will include a mobile application that will allow you to shoot, and post right from your smart phone. 2 click system so to speak. Also you will be able to have multiple personalized domains and blogs that will be fully customizable. Self hosted videos for anyone that wants to host video right from within Empower Network 2.0

So what does this do for small businesses. It allows brick and mortar businesses that might not have the know how to get their businesses online faster and super simple. So thats cool. What about the internet marketers?

This is going to change the industry as we know it. For the affiliates inside Empower Network 2.0 this is going to give a whole new audience to target and market to. Also when this this launches you can bet there will be a flood of masses coming in as well.
Another cool feature that will be introduced is the social media platform.

This will revolutionize the way we communicate for our businesses online. Faster commenting with blog posts and easy sharing capabilities is in the air. If you have been sitting on the fence about joining Empower Network 2.0. Then now is the time to make a leap.

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Spotify’s Shanon Cook delivers the top 10 viral songs from Spotify and then Mark and Jeff preview Deadpool and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

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In a sea of pretty pop stars, a chubby, rapping dancer may not be the usual K-pop hit.

But an unconventional South Korean has found himself turned into a viral sensation.

Psy is the latest musician to have an internet hit.

In just under a month, his music video “Gangnam Style” notched up over 20 million views on YouTube.

While he’s been a local musician for a decade, Psy says he never expected to break overseas.

Even now, he admits he’s an unlikely role model.


“I have been looking for fun my whole life. You may think it’s sad, but that’s the aim of my whole life. If I hadn’t become a musician, I would most likely have been a loser. I was very lazy – just liked drinking, night clubs and girls.”

The performer is not without controversy.

While landing in hot water for antics off-stage, his performances are also unusual.

Fans packed in to a South Korean stadium were recently treated to a Lady Gaga parody, complete with pyrotechnics.

Psy will perform his first concert in Japan this September.